Honourary Members

Honorary Members

Dragon Arts Collective’s success has been made possible because of the generous support of our Honorary Members. These selfless individuals have donated their time, skills and money with little or no vested interest in getting anything in return from the collective.

We are pleased to publicly recognize the Honorary Members who are helping us to make healing through the arts affordable and accessible to everyone in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Live


Created by Shira Bellan, a concert promoter and music loving Winnipegger, Winnipeg Live is a website that gives up to date event listings in the City of Winnipeg. With a simple interface, the most thorough concert details, live theatre showtimes and art gallery openings Winnipeg Live is a website that is updated with new information every day of the week.

As a proud sponsor of Dragon Arts Collective, we share a common vision of making music and art accessible to you. Keep up to date with your city by visiting us online at winnipeglive.ca.

Boon Burger


The sprouting of Boon began in the Summer of 2010 in Winnipeg, Canada. It was created by Tomas and Anneen who met while travelling the world. At the time, the idea of starting a vegan burger place in the Prairies seemed risky.

Even so we realized that no such place was in existence in the world and that we could actually claim the status of “world’s first vegan burger cafe!”

Just a few short months later, Boon was born.

Boon Burger is proud to partner with Dragon Arts Collective as an active supporter of the arts. We are excited to align ourselves with like minded people who share a common vision for a cleaner, greener and more peaceful world.

Michelle Leona

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Michelle Leona is a creative free spirit who has a passion for the arts. As a healer who maintains her inspiration through yoga, health and wellness practices, artistic abilities and intuition have come to her naturally.

Being a part of Dragon Arts Collective has helped Michelle to be more courageous, expressive and open. She is thrilled to support DAC and is excited to contribute to the magical monthly happenings on the schedule.

Please look for her monthly event, “Sunday Art Expressions” beginning in January, 2016. On every third Sunday of the month from 7pm-9pm, Michelle hosts the community for an evening that honours the dormant creativity that is available and just waiting to be expressed in each one of us.